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Pigs Get Fed; Hogs Get Slaughtered

Our experience here at Wiest Realty, Inc. (CA DRE 01183800) has taught us that many “investors” have little or no understanding of real estate cycles.  We can’t count how many times investors have asked us  -“when will the next recession start?” 

As a result,  we decided to develop this website as your real estate EKG. We believe any prediction of a recession should be based on events; not on an arbitrary guess at a time frame. 

The intent of this site is to provide you with timely information  regarding macro/California trends as well as local High Desert trends.  Basing your real estate decisions on hard data is preferable to pulling the trigger based on gut feelings.

What are your objectives?

This website is designed for the small or first-time real estate investor. As such, we find that many investors don’t have clear objectives.  They simply put one foot in front of the other either” buying and flipping” or doing the typical  “buy & hold” scenario.  One way  to start is to set a goal, put a plan in place and then follow it.  

Do you know:

▪ What your yields would be  on your individual properties  if you sold today, next month, next year? 

▪ What annualized yield you need on your assets to achieve a monetary goal by the time you retire?

▪ Where will your yield come from or how it will be divided; cash flow or when you sell?

▪ Is it better to sell high prior to an anticipated recession and buy low when prices rebound?

▪ What property type is best to meet your life style, management skills, and time constraints?

▪ Should you invest locally or out of state?

Historic data like that presented on this website is intended to help you answer the questions above.  Making intelligent buy/sell decisions will help to achieve your goals.

So many investors wait until it’s too late to sell and end up chasing a declining market with lagging price reductions. Remember the old saying ” pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered”?  We believe the tendency for sellers to get that last dollar before a down-trend leads to their demise.  Isn’t it  better to sell a little early and leave something on the table for the next investor than to try to time your sale to the exact moment of an anticipated price peak?